Statement by the Serbian National Defense Council of America

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Chicago, February 10, 2018.

Bearing in mind the dramatic events in Kosovo and Metohija, tragically embodied in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic and many more before him, 
Being aware of the danger that in the immediate future Serbia’s leadership may take hasty decisions contrary to the core state and national interests,
Determined that the Serbian people, both in the motherland and in the diaspora, should not and cannot be reconciled to the notion that justice is selective and unattainable, and that lawlessness and force can trump the law,
The Serbian National Defense Council of America hereby wholeheartedly joins the Appeal for the Defense of Kosovo and Metohija signed by leading Serbian clerics, academics, intellectuals and public figures. We consider it unnecessary to add anything to this concise and clear statement addressed to our public in this truly dramatic period of Serbian history.

For the first time in Serbian history, we face the looming threat that a Serbian hand may sign the surrender of Kosovo and Metohija into the hands of others. At this crucial time, we, undersigned, address the public and the Serbian authorities with the following appeal:

  • As a result of irresponsible policy-making, the approval of EULEX, the acceptance of the dialogue on Kosovo and Metohija under the aegis of the European Union, the opening of the “technical dialogue,” and the signing and implementation of the unconstitutional Brussels agreement, the process of secession of Kosovo and Metohija has gained an alarming momentum. This process can and must be stopped.
  • The US and the most powerful EU countries urge Serbia and Kosovo to sign a “legally binding agreement” and that Serbia agrees that “Kosovo” be admitted to international organizations, including the United Nations. All of this, as well as any notion of the partition of Kosovo and Metohija, is unacceptable and must be rejected, once for all.
  • Current international circumstances are such that a fair solution cannot be reached immediately. Maintaining a frozen conflict (like that in Cyprus and elsewhere) is the only reasonable course. Future generations may not be any happier if we leave them this unresolved inheritance, but that is preferable to the danger that we demean them, as well as ourselves, by renouncing Kosovo and Metohija, our honor and our Jerusalem. No nation has ever done that. By agreeing to such a precedent, Serbia would mortally injure herself and impose a shameful stamp on the face of all Serbs everywhere.
  • Ongoing talks with the representatives of the Albanians from Kosovo and Metohija should continue, without prejudice and under the auspices of the UN Security Council, until the final decision can be reached in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, the UNSC Resolution 1244, and international law.

The question of Kosovo and Metohija cannot be resolved without the consent of Serbia, nor can anyone humiliate her if Serbia does not humiliate herself.

The solemn oath of office obliges state leaders to protect national interests regardless of the risks and blackmail. Without Kosovo and Metohija, or any other part of her sovereign territory, Serbia would be both mutilated and permanently defeated as a country that surrendered her identity to an uncertain destiny.

What is taken by force can be regained, but what is signed away remains lost.

By accepting the secession and voluntary renunciation of our core province, with its many ecclesiastical and secular national holy monuments, as well as a part of our own people, unstoppable decay and collapse of Serbia would be initiated, leading to her final disappearance from history.

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