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Strange Times in American Politics

By Nikola Maric

There was a presidential candidate in the sixties of the last century by the name of Barry Goldwater. He was a Senator from Arizona, a conservative who tried to win the national elections by speaking his mind as honestly as he could. 

When you do that speaking to a variety of people with all kinds of philosophies and opinions you leave yourself open to all kinds of attacks. If you are sure the majority of voters share your opinion on most subject chances are you will win the elections. Senator Goldwater did not even come close. Most of his opposition came from the Eastern Seaboard, an area always liberal. He rather wished that the area did not even exist on the American map, both politically and geographically.

I still remember how his Democrat opposition ran an ad in which Barry Goldwater is cutting the Eastern Seaboard from the map of the United States. I do not think he would have won had it not be for that statement he made in regards to a very progressive part of the country, but this commercial sure did not help him. He lost in a landslide.

At times President Trump reminded me of those years in America. During the long and tiresome pre-election campaign I was always afraid of what he was going to say next. He did everything he was not supposed to do in that campaign, and still won, first the Republican nomination, and then the presidency itself. Hillary Clinton having won the nod of her party might have a lot to do with Trump’s success, but senator Bernie Sanders, an open socialist, had even less chance to beat Donald Trump. America is not ready for socialism. Not yet.

Under Barrack Obama America took a turn to the left, so much so that Hillary Clinton had no room to maneuver, even if she wanted to be different. Having a very recognizable name and all that experience in politics, having secured all the financial support she needed, all she had to do was not to say something stupid, and she would have been the first woman to win American presidency. Trump was as good as dead as far as his chances of winning.

And yet, Hillary did just that. She called half of Trump supporters deplorable!  She might have as well called them just stupid, she did put her foot in her mouth, and it was downhill from there. I hear that she came close to a nervous breakdown in those early hours of November 9th, 2016. What happened? There must be a mistake somewhere, she could not have lost!

My next door neighbor, a retired school teacher, also could not take it. Even though we were good neighbors before she is still to say a word to me, and four months have gone by since the elections.

Watching President Trump’s address to both houses of Congress last night the Democrat side reminded me of my poor neighbor. They still cannot come to terms that they lost. There was nothing President Trump was going to say which they might find agreeable. Even when Trump introduced the widow of a Navy Seal who lost his life in a commando raid against Muslim extremists, when a great majority of legislators stood up to show their respects to the lady, some hard core Democrats sat on their hands. At least for now, Democrats are weak, disorganized and inept. The only thing left for them to do is to bide their time and hope that Trump fails in his attempt to revive and revitalize America. It was almost comical (if it were not sad) to watch the entire Democrat side of Congress sitting on their hands during the entire Trump’s one hour long speech.

America is divided. Obama’s presidency did not do anything to unite people. Since the Republicans did not do much to help him implement most of his programs and laws he kept signing a long list of Executive Orders, and when asked how he justified his actions he simply said: Winning has consequences. Deal with it.


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