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No Employment for Nevena

By Nikola Maric

She was a cute child, inquisitive, happy going, polite, funny, just a great a very well brought up young lady. In school she showed nothing but success. When she became a teenager her good looks could not be ignored either.

I thought to myself: When God gives, God really gives. And have I told you about the sense of humor of this young lady? One day when all of us had to go somewhere we told Nevena to guard our house.

- No problem-, she said, -Ill bark!-

To make sure Nevena had all the necessary tools for future challenges her parents sent her to the USA for the final grade in High School. She attended one of the more demanding private schools in Cleveland area and she went through it like a hot knife through the butter. It helped a great deal that her English was more than adequate before she arrived to America.

After the graduation Nevena returned home to Republic of Srpska and began her medical studies. She had a great desire to conclude her studies and find an employment as a medical doctor either in her home town of Banja Luka, or somewhere in the vicinity of that city.

Days, weeks, months, years went by- no luck. It was always inconceivable to me that a medical doctor would have any trouble finding a place to work, particularly because so many of our young professionals, doctors included, left their country and tried their luck abroad. When prospects for a meaningful  employment became less and less realistic Nevena heard that Germany, Austria and Norway were ready to accept our young doctors from Serbia and the Republic of Srpska, so she began studying German language. Still, she was hoping for a place near home to start her career.

It occurred to me that I knew some politicians from the Republic of Srpska who were our guests here in the United States in the not so distant past, people such as Mr.Mirko Sarovic and Mr.Mladen  Ivanic, to name a few. I was hoping to get some help for Nevena using these people who (Mr. Ivanic) still occupy an important positions in Bosnia. I even obtained the E-Mails from these men and wrote to them. Even telephone calls fell on deaf ears. I was told I was naïve. Apparently, to obtain a job in the Republic of Srpska one had to belong to a certain political party! Does this smack of something from comrade Tito era?

I just would not stop poking and inquiring, made some more telephone calls and was told that employments cost money, in some instances a lot of money!

Nevena does not belong to any political party and does not have money as her mom is a widow on limited income and cannot afford to pay for her daughter’s job.

I am told that only Mr. Dodik would be able to find a place where Nevena would be able to start her medical career. I do not know Mr. Dodik, and he sure never heard of me, even less of Nevena Kovacic from Banja Luka.

Would it not be great if for some strange reason Mr. Dodik read this little article in “Liberty” and called the Kovacic residence and asked for our young doctor Nevena? If that happened one could make a movie and dispel all the rumors about our corrupt officials and politicians in Serbia and the Republic of Srpska. It would go a long way improving the public relations of these career politicians.

I was always a dreamer, but I want this young (not so young anymore!) to get a job healing people in her home town of Banja Luka so much that the thought of that happening just would not leave me.


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