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Is President Trump His Own Worst Enemy?

By Nikola Maric

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Tomorrow is supposed to be the day when President Trump uses his address to remind his fellow Americans of all the accomplishments he was able to achieve in just one short year of his presidency. The growth of the economy surpassed all expectations, his tax reforms caused American companies to come back to America, prevented some from leaving USA and going to foreign countries, the Stock Market went through the roof, and so on and so forth. We have not heard the speech yet but we know what he is going to say, even though one never knows what this man is going to say next. There is no doubt that President Trump has a reason to brag, regardless of the vicious attacks from the Democrats and the majority of the American media. It seems as though neither media nor Trump’s political opponents can digest the fact that he won the American presidential elections. Even the FBI leadership cannot seem to let go and forget about their favorite candidate Hillary Clinton who was supposed to become the first American woman president, regardless of her many faults.

Who is this “imposter” who “stole” our national elections? Who is this millionaire who inherited one million Dollars from his father and struck it rich everywhere he turned? I doubt that he won due to his charm, looks, or his oratory abilities. He was not a traditional politician, I even doubt that he is a Republican, but he was able to beat some formidable Republican opponents to win the candidacy, attacking them whenever he could as he called them “low energy” (Jeb Bush), “Lying Ted”, “Little Marco” (), etc.

When he came to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention one of his opponents, Governor Kasic of Ohio, did not even have decency to show up, in spite of the fact that the Convention took place in his own state! For his main opponent, the Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump had a special name of “Crooked Hillary” which he kept using long after the elections.

Candidate Trump promised to build a wall to slow down the influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico and South American countries, and he even promised that Mexico was going to pay for the wall that made Mexican President extremely angry. He promised to improve employment in America. He kept his promise. He promised to reform tax system and attract companies to either stay in America, or come back to the USA. He kept that promise too.

Trump’s predecessors promised to move American Embassy to Jerusalem but never delivered on that promise in order not to offend the Arab world. President Trump announced just recently that he is moving the Embassy to Jerusalem, and if the Palestinians do not stop protesting his move he was going to withhold the millions of Dollars of aid given them by the USA.

Candidate Trump promised to build the wall on the border with Mexico and have Mexico pay for it. That promise he did not keep. He still wants to build the wall, but the American taxpayers would be stuck with a huge bill.

My daughter traveled through Germany on her way to America and brought me some German newspaper to read and brush up on my German language I once used to teach in High School. She brought me a copy of the well-known German newspaper called “Sueddeutsche Zeitung”, and among other interesting reading I found this headline referring to our President: “EIFACH MAL DIE KLAPPE HALTEN” ( If he simply knew when to shut up). The article was well written by a certain Hubert Wetzel. My sentiments exactly. If only he knew when to shut up his good deeds would not have to be offset by his loose language.

I am much better at giving advice than I am at taking one. President Trump is indeed his own worst enemy when it comes to saying things spontaneously and honestly. We may be compelled to say the same thing, we may even get away with it, but we are not a President fighting half America and almost nine tenths of the American media.


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